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Writer's Block: Young and driven

What is the legal drinking age where you live? Do you think it should be higher, lower, or remain the same, and why?

It's 19 here in Canada(actually, it's only 18 in some areas, like Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec)but if someone wants to drink, they will. I never had a problem getting alcohol as a young teen, and neither did anyone else that I knew. We'd find an older friend, or ask random older drunks going to get their fix. We'd always find a way. But I don't really think lowering it would help anything. I agree with someone else who answered, they should just raise the driving age by several years.  That would prevent a massive number of deaths. Because every teen that I knew drank, and every teen that I knew drove while inebriated. And they weren't all so lucky as to avoid catastrophe. The part of your brain that governs common sense, that helps you to make mature decisions, isn't fully developed until you're 25. I'm not advocating raising the driving age to 25,(but have you noticed that you can't rent a car until that age?there's a good reason for that) but certainly I do believe that 16 is too young. All you have to do is look at the statistics to see that I'm right. I know this question was about drinking ages, but all things are interconnected, and the driving age is directly related to alcohol.
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